Megan Thee Stallion is staying true to her "Hot Girl Meg" alias in her latest Instagram video, in which the rapper shows off the progress she's made in the gym. The Houston Hottie filmed her reflection in the mirror, wearing the tiniest of shorts that could double as underwear. She holds up her T-shirt to reveal her toned stomach and thick thighs, and, a significant amount of underboob. 

Megan informs us that she's been working hard to get fit again after letting herself go a bit while on tour, and her hard work shows. "When you wake up feeling fine af lol no but I gained a lot of weight being on the road all year now I’m back on my shit 😛😛😛😛," she wrote in the caption. Plenty of famous folks gassed her up in the comments. Among many others, Jordyn Woods and Ms. Banks both found that only emojis could express how incredible Meg looks. Jordyn went with a few drooling faces while Ms. Banks opted for some heart-eyes. Fellow rappers Maliibu Miitch and Charlie Xile also joined in on the hype. Malibu wrote, "Yesssss Sliim thick Stalli," while Charlie said, "You gained it in all the right places apparently 😍🙌🏾," followed by All that weight in your ass 😍😍😍.  Erykah Badu decided to draw our attention to the obvious, proclaiming, "I see your titty Meg." Plenty of other celebrities were in awe of Meg, no doubt making her feel even more proud of her fitness accomplishments.