Megan Thee Stallion sadly lost her mother in March earlier this year, two weeks after the passing of her grandmother. The 24-year-old was extremely close to her mom, who was also a rapper and helped her craft her sound and set her up before her big break out year. Holly Thomas lost her battle with cancer and despite Megan's strength with coping with her mother and grandmother's passing, she has times where she feels vulnerable, as expected. 

 Steven Ferdman/Getty Images

The "Hot Girl Summer" rapper uploaded a video to Instagram just moments ago as we write this and it sees her holding back tears as she explains how it's been hard to stay positive about things when she's missing her mom. "It’s really hard for me to open up and be vulnerable most times but I know I’m not the only person dealing with these feelings around the holiday times," she captioned the clip. "I see a lot of my hotties checking on me In my dm’s asking how I am and just showing me a lot of love and it really made me get emotional. I’m definitely still in a bad place when it comes to the topic of my mother and great grandmother but they raised me to be strong so I’m going to continue to be strong and make them proud of me."

Megan concluded her post by reminding her followers that pain is temporary and to "always be kind to people , check on them , uplift your loved ones because you never know what people are going through internally."