Meek Mill is a true champion. If he hadn't released a good album last year, his career very well may have been over. After his release from prison, the Philadelphia rapper had a few options. He could have laid low and allowed all the previous negativity to ruin his mental health or he could brush it all off, channel that energy into a dope project and get back on everybody's good side. Championships saw him choose the latter. The Grammy Award nominee sat down with Charlamagne Tha God this week to discuss how he won, speaking on some of the hot topics attached to his personal and professional life.

Marketed as a Conversation Between Champions, Charlamagne Tha God led an interview with Meek Mill, asking the star about all that's happened in the last few years. During their sit-down chat, the beef between himself and Drake was mentioned and Mill explained that he's genuinely unsure of why he decided to activate his Twitter fingers. Noting that it probably wasn't the smartest decision he's ever made, the recording artist did dispell one rumor that it all had to do with Nicki Minaj. Previously, it had been suggested that a shopping trip where Meek's credit card got declined started off the whole thing. According to Meek though, that wasn't the case.

Elsewhere in the chat, Meek speaks about his experience with drugs, revealing that he used to take up to ten Percocet pills a day. These days, he's slowing down on everything, even laying off weed because he just doesn't want to be addicted to anything. 

Watch the full interview below.