It's been a frustrating evening for Meek Mill. On Tuesday (March 10), Meek was having a grand time enjoying a beach vacation. The rapper shared a few images and video clips to his Instagram Story where he showed off his luxury accommodations and beachfront views. Things switched up when he was making his way back to his private jet because the authorities were there to search the plane and Meek's belongings.

The rapper shared a brief video of investigators on the plane. "Searching the jet againnnnnn," he wrote over the video. "Somebody calling them,gotta be looking for drugs on us! That's an insult." Meek Mill isn't the only rapper who has complained about being repeatedly searched—more than most others—while traveling. Following Juice WRLD's untimely death, a conversation about rappers being targeted by authorities and federal investigators surfaced. Throughout the history of hip hop, police have paid particular interest to rap artists. 

Meek just had his private jet searched over the weekend, as well. He shared that experience on social media and said, “How many times we gotta be searched being black, man? I be telling them, ‘The least y’all could do is give us an explanation for being searched.’ Y’all already know we black, we be getting searched too much.” He added, "All this sh*t, all our bags and sh*t got laid out. We just landed in Miami to pick up food and gas and they making us take all our bags off.” Check out Meek Mill lamenting about both searches below.