If you ask Meek Mill, he believes that in the next five years, he'll make great progress on his goal of becoming a billionaire. The man is extremely hard-working and, in the last year, he's positioned himself to achieve oodles of financial wealth. His inner circle already contains some high-earners on the Forbes, including sports team owners and music moguls. Meek Mill must be getting some great advice from his peers, not that he necessarily needs it. While more money would be nice for him to continue to build his empire, the Philadelphia rapper knows just how evil fame and cash can be to someone. In fact, he's fully aware that he's a changed man because of his success.

Steven Ferdman/Getty Images

Just prior to teasing some new "flame" for the beginning of the new year, Meek Mill admitted that he's had trouble maintaining his cool under all the fresh pressure applied from fame and money. He explained on social media: "All this money and this fame kinda ruined me as a person... I’m watching people that I love tryna be in the circus."

The recording artist went on to reiterate that he plans to make a billion dollars soon, upping his entrepreneurial spirit and reminding folks that he's not playing around anymore. Ever since he got out of prison, Meek has been stepping on the industry's neck and, with Championships, he made us all believers again. Do you think 2020 will be another big year for him?