To many of us, Martin Scorsese is one of the greatest directors of all time, but to some (in this case, his youngest daughter, Francesca), he's just their goofy dad. Of course, not everyone's dad has produced heavily reported and revered discourse on the Marvel franchise and the current state of cinema, but what can you do. Francesca's dad has, in fact, done as such, which provided her with the perfect opportunity to poke fun at his widely known criticism of the superhero brand.

Francesca posted a story on her Instagram on Christmas Eve, showing the wrapping paper she chose for her famous dad's gifts. The paper is clearly Marvel-themed, as it features popular Marvel characters The Hulk, Captain America, and Iron Man, to name a few. The gift has a tag on it that reads "To: Dad, From: Francesca" and she captioned the story, "LOOK WHAT I'M WRAPPING MY DAD'S XMAS GIFTS IN😂." A pile of wrapping paper tubes can be seen in the background, showing off various different Marvel-themed patterns. The joke is pretty clever, considering Martin's controversial opinions on the Marvel franchise earlier this year, namely claiming that the MCU films are "not cinema." While many felt that he had the right to give such scrutiny based on his own acclaimed work as a director, others were very upset with his position, so it's a pretty baller move for Francesca to make light of her dad's public scandal in such a harmless way.