The Machine Gun Kelly - Eminem rap saga has now become a battle royale like I said before. The "Rap Devil" incarnate was in a restaurant in Atlanta when an actor named Gabriel "G-Rod" Rodriguez came up to his table and taunted him over his feud with Eminem. To make matters worse, Rodriguez walked up to the table with his phone in hand, in the midst of recording his message to MGK. "I'm gonna say it because it has to be said, you're a pussy for going for family!" he yelled at MGK, in reference to disrespectful comments he'd made in the past towards Hailie Scott, Eminem's daughter. It should be noted, Rodriguez is himself a father of three kids.

Within moments of making his presence known to the table, MGK's bodyguards descended upon Rodriguez, holding him against his will. The following video obtained by TMZ offers Gabriel Rodriguez's nuanced view of the incident. Apparently, after bodyguards took control of the situation, and only then did MGK started "acting tough." 

Before it could ever manifest into a fair fight, the restaurant owner sided with MGK, and booted Rodriguez from the premises. Rodriguez suffered the worst of it two hours later as he walked towards his hotel suite at the Hampton's Inn. According to a surveillance in the hands of local police, MGK's crew, who'd been trailing G-Rod for some time now, ambushed the actor when he least expected it. Rodriguez who has acting credits for Ozark, Power, and NCIS: New Orleans, says MGK was not involved in the second stage of their altercation. The external bruising on Rodriguez' face spares me the trouble of going into greater detail.