The rap game is quickly becoming a battle royale, expect very soon time stipulations are going to be thrown out the window. The moratorium on negativity got lifted out restlessness. Many among us have been waiting anxiously by our feeds to be among the first to bear witness to Eminem's rebuttal. That moment passed before but an hour ago, when Eminem filed his "KILLSHOT" response to MGK. His timely response was never more than a question of sensibility, for Eminem as we know him, is deeply invested in the propagation of battle rap. This is exactly the ecosystem for which Marshall Mathers thrives.

Among the social media commentators to add their voice hoopla was producer Cardo Got Wings. Although he is hardly associated with either side of the rap feud, Cardo sent Machine Gun Kelly a provisional word of advice, out of the kindness of his own heart. His message to MGK: "Don’t Even Do It To Ya Self Dog ... Let It Go." In fairness to MGK, because his "Rap Devil" diss is so well strung together, that for a moment I believed he stood the remotest of chances against Eminem. In fact, after hearing "KILLSHOT" for the first time, I was ready to call it a dead heat. Then it dawned on me, "wait 'til I unpack these Em bars." We're in for a long night.