The other week we learned of Young Thug's connection to the newly-launched 300 label. Kevin Liles, one of the label's executives, revealed that they have some sort of deal with Thugga although the exact details remain unclear. Liles also promised other exciting ventures in the pipeline, and lo and behold, today a press release has arrived announcing a partnership between 300 and two artists on the Quality Control label.

The details of the partnership aren't fully revealed, however it was in effect for the commercial release of MigosNo Label II on June 3. The press release states, "300 Entertainment is thrilled to unveil our partnership with Quality Control Music for artists Migos and Johnny Cinco."

We were introduced to the many artists on the QC label with their Solid Foundationmixtape, but it's become obvious that QC is focused on pushing both Migos and Johnny Cinco at the present time, so the deal with 300 makes sense.

Todd Moscowitz, one of the 300 founders, spoke on the new deal. "We believe in the entire Quality Control movement, they are the next southern powerhouse," he said. "Migos are among the most talented new artists in music today. We’re incredibly excited to be working not only with Migos and Johnny Cinco but also with Pierre and his team."

 Pierre “Pee” Thomas, the founder of the QC label, also shared some words on the partnership. "We’ve built QC from the bottom up and really grinded to get to the point we're at. With the experience of Lyor, Todd and Kevin, the partnership with 300 is the best fit for us to take this to the next level."