Last week, Eminem released his latest project, Kamikaze without any warning. For many, the project marked the return of an Eminem we haven't heard in over a decade. However, it also meant that Eminem was back to firing shots at people. Joe Budden, who is/was signed to Shady Records, was one of the people that Em targeted on the project. Joe Budden responded to Em yesterday by saying that he's been better than the Detroit rapper for this entire decade. Lupe Fiasco has since chimed in and claimed that he could take on both Em and Joe Budden in a rap battle.

Lupe Fiasco took to Instagram in to address a few things including Colin Kaepernick's Nike ad, Konami and a video of a comedian mimicking Eminem that he posted. In a since-deleted post, the rapper clarified that he has love for Eminem and the reason he posted the video was because he's seen rappers who legitimately rap like that, but he did make it clear that he feels he could destroy most rappers, including Em and Joe, in a rap battle.

"I posted up that video of the comedian mimicking Eminem rap style because I thought it was funny and actually most rappers actually rap like that when they are writing to catch a flow and get a melody," he wrote. "I like Em & most other rappers & I want no smoke but if I did I would destroy them all. Especially Joe Budden & Em too."

Peep the screenshot of the post below.