Lori Harvey and Trey Songz have been a known couple for at least a month. We've posted about their Beverly Hills errand runs, their holiday meet-ups, new year's eve partiesbirthday love and Trey even shrugged a few jealous inquiries over his new girlfriend. Through all the evidence that proved they were a solid couple growing stronger by the minute, only now do we have first-hand proof of them putting their relationship forward.

Lori uploaded an image to Instagram that sees her sitting on Trey's lap with a caption that reads: "It is what it is." By the endless comments, it's obvious that a lot of Lori's fans are happy for the model and her R&B crooner boyfriend.  

"The perfect date...I think a lot of people get confused and think that the perfect date is one thing that you can just implement with any date and any woman and I don't think that's true," Trey previously told GQ when giving tips on the perfect date.

"As long as you're a gentleman and pay very close attention. That's one thing woman love and I think men overlook."