At the top of December, Trey Songz and Lori Harvey were spotted hanging out in Beverly Hills together despite Lori's efforts in trying to dodge the paparazzi. A few weeks after that they were spotted again in Los Angeles, showing some PDA at a restaurant proving that are in fact dating. "The lovebirds were cuddling, kissing and nesting on each other," a source said of one of their outings. 

Fast forward to new year's eve where most people want their special person close by to share a new year's kiss and you'll find Lori and Trey at the Regency Ballroom in San Francisco. TMZ got its hands on a video that sees Trey handling the microphone on a stage while Lori has her arms around him the whole time.  

It's safe to say Lori and Trey are headed into 2019 as a coupled-up duo that are seemingly still going quite strong.

Last week we reported on Lori's ex-fiance, Memphis Depay, who dropped off a new song and music video for a track titled "No Love." The lyrics detail issues with trust, where he raps: "No money, no cars, nothing that can really change my mind—and I’m getting tired of wasting my time."

Assuming the song is about Lori is a pretty safe bet.