Logic has delivered his final album and is effectively a retired man. 

After delivering so much music in his career, which was received both positively and negatively, the 30-year-old rapper is hanging up his microphone and focusing on being a good father. Earlier this year, he welcomed his baby boy into the world and his new mission in life is to provide for him. While he will no longer be releasing music, he promises that he will be there for his fans via his newly-minted Twitch deal, which assures weekly streams from the retired artist.

Now that No Pressure is officially out, Logic held a virtual listening party for all of his fans and, while listening to the final track on the album, the rapper broke down into tears, thinking about all that he had been through on his road to retirement. He thanked Drake, Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, Tory y Moi, Mac Demarco, and more of his inspirations for all they had done for him, delivering a farewell message to his fans.

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

"I wanna thank Kendrick because he doesn't know how much he was there for me, and Cole, and Drake," said Logic while sobbing. "Fucking A$AP and Ferg, and Mac Demarco, man, fucking Toro y Moi. It was such a dream for him to be on this album and record. There's too many people, man."

He concluded with a message to the Ratt Pack.

"I love you all. I appreciate you all," said Logic. "I bid you farewell and, as always, I'm obediently yours. I won't be on the internet for the first time in my career because it hurts me. And every time I released an album I just wanted it to be loved and this time, I don't check the internet because I finally love myself. So, thank you so much and, as always, peace, love, and positivity. I love you, I appreciate you, and I'll see you in other endeavors."


We'll miss you, Logic. Listen to his final album here.