Fresh off the release of his Bobby Tarantino II mixtape, Logic has been on an extensive media run, hitting up radio shows and giving plenty of eye-catching interviews. While we learned a lot about his work ethic and creative process during his episode of Rapture, Logic has been opening up a lot as he reveals future projects he is working on. As he enjoys time in his brand new house, Logic spoke to Power 106 about his current therapy schedule and what he believes makes up a real hip-hop artist.

While Logic has been adamant in the past that he sees himself at the top sharing the throne with the best rappers in the game, he has also been honest about his anxiety in his music and during his Rapture episode. The radio host asked Logic about how often he goes to therapy and, while he initially jokes about seeing his therapist "Mary-Jane" on a daily basis, he then opened up about his legitimate sessions. When the interviewer remarked that the stigma behind mental health is rarely discussed in hip-hop, Bobby spoke his mind about what makes true hip-hop. "Real hip-hop talks about it," Logic said about therapy, "That's always so funny, there's this stigma like 'what is hip-hop, what's not hip-hop?' Hip-hop is diversity. Hip-hop is acceptance. Hip-hop is love. Hip-hop is peace, love, and positivity." 

The rapper continues to note that he considers hip-hop to be composed of pioneers who push people to be themselves, namedropping Kid Cudi as an example. Whether or not you listen to his music, you have to respect Logic's message. In case you were wondering, yes, he does include himself in the "real hip-hop" conversation.