While divorce can be troublesome for the average person, it would appear Logic has been living his best life since his separation from ex-wife Jess Andrea. Granted, having a substantial amount of money and fame might help speed up the healing process. Such is the case for Logic, who has become somewhat of a megastar in recent years, turning the once cult hero Bobby Tarantino into a bonafide household name; his music plays on the radio now. As such, his current domicile must reflect his increase in clout. Anything less than five bathrooms is unacceptable, for whatever might arise should six guests need to drop simultaneous deuces? Never fear, for Logic has ensured that fate will never come to pass.

The Everybody rapper went and spent $3.57 million on a new mansion in Hidden Hills, which neighbors Calabasas home to Kanye West and more elite stars). TMZ has somehow managed to procure the architectural plans, revealing some of the finer perks. Apparently, Logic's new residence is 7,075 square feet, with six bedrooms and six bathrooms. Ever the outdoorsman, Logic's backyard game is on point, with a pool, hot tub, patio, and picturesque mountain view. Perhaps most importantly, his kitchen is newly renovated.

Some have already begun speculating whether his decor will be both black and white. In all seriousness, props to Logic for living the dream and copping himself a home reflective of his accomplishments. One can only imagine the home theater.