It's become increasingly clear that Lil Xan is embracing all of the negativity that's thrown his way. Not many would be able to continue if the majority of the world disliked you but alas, Diego has overcome the hatred and he's powering through. After the untimely passing of his idol Mac Miller, the "Betrayed" rapper announced that he would be retiring from music, only to turn back on his decision a few days later. Xan has been through a lot this year from his breakup with Noah Cyrus to the backlash from his Tupac comments. He decided to rile everybody up by posing alongside another member of rap's most hated, Machine Gun Kelly, embracing their status as two of the most despised figures in music.

"I was the Rap Devil tonight," wrote the leader of Xanarchy. He posted a photo of himself next to Machine Gun Kelly, who infamously responded to Eminem's Kamikaze disses with "Rap Devil" a few weeks ago. At this point, Lil Xan is an experienced veteran when it comes to sifting through hate mail. MGK is still fairly new to the game but he seems to be relishing in the role, smiling big for the camera.

At least they both have each other to lean on when times get tough. Diego has been noticeably happier these days, promising that his next project will be full of songs to redeem himself to the rap community. Only time will tell if he's fibbing or not.