Lil Xan is very much a lightning bolt in the world of hip-hop. He seems to want the best for the world, preaching an anti-drug message at times, but he garners an extreme amount of hate. The climax to all the hostility came when the artist made his infamous Tupac comments, which he claims were edited to make him sound bad. The most recent bit of news surrounding him has to do with his hospitalization due to a Flaming Hot Cheeto overdose... The Cheeto story is actually being covered by national news outlets, which is pretty sensational if you think about it. Xan stopped by Peter Rosenberg's Open Late show to discuss all of the hot topics surrounding him, including Cheetos, his claims that he's quitting music, and his friendship with Mac Miller.

Diego was a member of the audience for Mac Miller's final performance at Hotel Cafe and he spoke with him after the show. His initial shock at the news of Mac's passing caused him to say that he was quitting music as a direct result but he later altered his stance. Now, he's planning on going harder than ever. Xan explained to the host how the Swimming artist's last words to him were "Be safe," which resounded strongly with him as he could see he truly meant it. Since then, Diego has been tapering off of drugs and he says he's healthier than ever. The exchange actually stuck with him so much that he decided to name his next project Be Safe as somewhat of a tribute, another sign that he's not actually quitting music.

If you weren't a fan of his earlier material, Xan may be gearing up to redeem himself. He says that Be Safe will be full of "real rap records," which is definitely intriguing. He even admitted he's a fan of Big L, so maybe we'll see some bars influenced by the legend. Or maybe he'll just walk away with another big L... only time will tell.

Hopefully, he can get back in everybody's good books.