Lil Wayne fans will have even more reason to look forward to the Holiday season. According to DatPiff, Lil Wayne's anticipated Dedication 6 mixtape will be dropping on December 25th. The project had been teased for a minute now, with Wayne himself saying the project is "coming soon." Now, it would appear that "soon" is a concrete date, and while it's not quite Carter 5, some new Lil Weezy is never a bad thing. There's still no word on tracklist, features, or production, but you can bet that Wayne will be coming in strong, and hopefully recapturing some of the magic that made his earlier mixtapes so timeless.

While this year hasn't exactly been Wayne's most prolific, he has enjoyed a few moments in the spotlight. Weezy F. Baby was featured on DJ Khaled's ubiquitous "I'm The One," released the surprise album T-Wayne with T-Pain, dropped an EP called In Tune We Trust, and collaborated with Kodak Black on "Codeine Dreaming." As you can see, a slow year by Wayne standards is still productive compared to the average artist, and we have little doubt that the GOAT contender will end 2017 on a high note. Honestly, it's only fitting that he drops something before the New Year, as pretty much every notable rapper has come through with an album this year (with a few obvious exceptions, of course.)

Are ya'll checking for this? Can Wayne recapture the magic of his mixtape prime? And for a bonus question, which Lil Wayne mixtape is your favorite?

Lil Wayne - Dedication 5