The bond between Lil Reese and Lil Durk is a strong one, so when someone came forward with accusations that they had a violent altercation, Reese was quick to shut it down. Back in December, Durk released his anticipated album The Voice where some say he rapped about slain Chicago rapper FBG Duck who was killed last August. It's reported that Duck was doing some high-end shopping when four people exited a vehicle and killed him in a brazen daytime shooting.

"I told my PO thru the gate that I get high as f*ck," Durk rapped on his track "Should've Ducked." He continued, "She ask me how high do I get, I told her high as Duck." FBG Duck's mother later came forward to tell Durk not to mention her son, but she's reportedly returned with a new story, this time about Durk and Reese.

"Lil Reese choked his ass up in the club," she said in a brief clip. "All type of sh*t. He always been a buck-eyed ass b*tch." Reese responded to the video with a denial. "Dude mama need keep my name out her mouth and I didn't neva chock my mans we neva fought mite had a disagreement but it ain't neva get that far."

Check it out below and let us know who you believe.