Chicago rapper FBG Duck was shot dead on August 4, 2020, and many believe his death may have been orchestrated. Even the rapper's mother has come forward to admit that she believes a hit was placed on FBG Duck after he released a diss record, titled "Dead B*tches"

During his latest interview with VladTV, Boosie Badazz echoed that sentiment, stating that he believes that Duck was assassinated. He also believes that he may have jinxed the rapper, predicting his death after hearing the diss track.

Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

"I think he had a bag on his head. N***as spray you like that, it's a bag involved," said the Baton Rouge rap legend during the interview. "I never got a chance to meet him but, I ain't gone say I kind of jinxed him but, I said he was gonna get killed. My nephew showed me-- when he put me onto FBG Duck and he showed me a song when he was talking about everybody, like, 'man, this big n***a be going hard, check him out!' We in this f*cking studio and I said, 'Man, that n***a from the Chi, he dissed all them n***as, they gone kill him.' Man, I said that sh*t. When he died, that sh*t struck back crossed my f*cking mind. I was like, man, bruh, it had me not even wanting to talk on sh*t 'cause I feel like I bring bad luck to sh*t when I say sh*t."

Recently, Boosie made headlines for his comments about Youngboy Never Broke Again, Fredo Bang, and more. He also stated that he is interested in joining Clubhouse. Read more about that here.