Ever since he came up with his breakout hit "Gucci Gang," Lil Pump has not been known globally for his level of intelligence. He's made some extremely questionable decisions, with many of his financial choices being put into the spotlight by J. Cole early in the year. When the two interviewed each other, Pump showed flashes of genius-level smarts, hinting that he may have been a marketing wizard this entire time. Then, things like this happen and we can't help but shake our heads.

He and Smokepurpp love to troll and they're back at it again today with their latest tweets. Perhaps they had B.o.B. playing during their hangout because the two decided to challenge the scientific fact that the earth is round, tweeting their own thoughts on the matter. "THE EARTH IS FLAT," confidently declared Pump before his brother in arms, Smokepurpp, reminded him that it actually isn't. However, Purpp was even less correct, coming up with his own wild theory. "Its an octagon," he responded. It's difficult to take them seriously but considering many conspiracy theorists challenge science on a daily basis, they were very possibly watching some crazy YouTube videos together that got them questioning their existence on this planet.

Maybe the loss of over $1 million got to Pump's head, causing him to hallucinate a little. We'll probably never know.