By now, most of you have heard B.o.B.’s theory that the world is flat and not round like science have proven over the years, but the ATL rapper still ain't buying into it. In fact, B.o.B. wants to know the truth so bad that he decided to start a Gofundme page this week to try and prove his theory.

In a video message to fans, the rapper who calls himself "Flat Earth Bob" in the clip, delivered a plea to his fans and followers. “I’m starting this GoFundMe because I would like to send one, if not multiple satellites as far into space as I can, or into orbit as I can, to find the curve,” he said. “I’m looking for the curve.”

Originally set at $500,000, B.o.B quickly came back down to earth and reset the goal at $200,000. As of 1 AM Saturday morning, the page had nine donors with a total of $125 bucks raised.

Back in January, the ATL rapper took to Twitter and shared his belief, despite what scientists have agreed upon. “A lot of people are turned off by the phrase ‘flat Earth,'” he tweeted. “but there’s no way u can see all the evidence and not know… grow up.”

This gofundme page comes just weeks after B.o.B. spent hours on Twitter arguing his case that the solar eclipse doesn't actually debunk his flat earth theory because the moon generates it's own light.

However, this Flat Earth theory isn't the only thing that's been on Bobby Ray's mind lately. Just the other day, the ATL rapper took to IG and revealed that he’s been working on experiments to research morgellons in order to study a theory over delusional parasitosis. See that clip (below) via Instagram. "BoB Stop Using your voice to present alternative ideas to our youth! You're ruining a perfectly good indoctrinated society! People aren't suppose to question everything!!!... just SOME things!" #apparently #parasites #morgellons #GWENtowers #ELFtowers #GMOs #POPs #codexalimentarius” he captioned.

Check out B.o.B's clip (below) and let us know what you think. Is Bobby Ray crazy for thinking this or should we let