Lil Pump's fall from grace has been pretty harsh. "Gucci Gang" is far behind us and, while the 20-year-old artist has a few additional bangers that would rattle a festival stage, he has not produced anything of note in a while. As you know, the music industry runs off of a "but what have you done for me lately?" agenda and, unfortunately, Pump hasn't done much of anything in recent months.

Still, fans of the Florida native are hoping that, with his next full-length project, he's able to regain the status that he once had.

The previously-previewed Lil Pump 2 album appears to still be in existence and, surprising his fans, Pump has just previewed a new song from it.

Titled "Yessirskii", Pump's latest song has a feature from Young Thug, but not even that could save it from the trollery that would happen in the comments. The track doesn't sway far enough away from his previous flows, which his audience is no longer impressed by, and the familiar title convinced some that Pump's lack of originality would be his downfall.

"Lil uzi anyone?" asked one fan in the comments, recalling the Philadelphia rapper's song of the same title on the deluxe edition of Eternal Atake. "Same flow," said another commenter. "It’s sad I fw with pump but he’s falling off," added another supporter.

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Hopefully, Lil Pump is able to creep his way back into the spotlight but, the way it's looking, even his fans are beginning to give up on him.