Lil Nas X is the poster child for Gen-Z, growing up on the internet and fearlessly navigating social media to become one of the most relatable (and hilarious) celebrities. The diamond-certified rapper is one of the biggest trolls online, recently telling Tekashi 6ix9ine that two can play at his game, exposing the controversial rapper for allegedly sliding into his DMs and flirting with him

Amy Sussman/Getty Images

Last week, Gen-Z and Millenials were debating on TikTok, Twitter, and other social platforms about whether to "cancel" Detroit rap legend Eminem once and for all. Citing his "problematic" lyrics, and specifically pointing out his toxic lines in "Love The Way You Lie" with Rihanna about burning down a house if ever his partner tries to leave him, Gen-Z argued that Eminem should no longer have a platform. Having grown up with his angsty rhymes, Millenials fought back and said that Slim Shady is too big to be canceled, which is arguably true. Eminem may have already sort-of responded to the debate with the release of his "Tone Deaf" lyric video, in which he also possibly subs Snoop Dogg, but the war wages on as Lil Nas X has officially stepped in to give his take on the matter.

Mocking a Millenial TikTok user who uploaded her questionable freestyle over "The Real Slim Shady" to ward off Gen-Z commenters, Lil Nas X made his own freestyle to the record. "Generation Z wants to cancel Eminem?" said LNX sarcastically before letting out a hearty laugh. "Generation Z wants to cancel Eminem? Listen up, Generation/Z, you're a generation of Z/Z, generation of Z". The offbeat freestyle is clearly poking fun at the debate as a whole.



♬ CALL ME BY YOUR NAME BY LIL NAS X - not lil nas x

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