It looks like Lil Durk & Meek Mill might have another collab on the way. Over the weekend, the two were spotted in the studio cooking up some new music together, before Durk eventually decided to give fans a taste of what they came up with.

On Sunday, the Chicago rapper hopped on Instagram and shared a preview of an upcoming record with Meek Mill tentatively titled “Bougie.” There’s no real information about the record, other than Jahlil Beats looks to be on the boards, but it sounds pretty fire from what we can hear.

With Meek lip syncing the lyrics in the studio, Durk raps… “You want some diamonds, you don't want no bag, you're think you're bougie, huh?/ And you don't want no Fashion Nova, you want some Gucci, huh?/ And when we're out, I can't be seen 'cause I don't know who you fuck/ And why she think she playing me, this shit be groupie love/ Ohh, I think I'm bougie.” 

Durk simply left the caption “OTF x DC @MeekMill” alluding to the collab being on the way. For what it’s worth, Durk had also teased the caption Signed To The Streets 3 with his previous IG post, so maybe this will see life on there whenever that does arrive? 

For now though, check out the teaser (below) and let us know how it’s sounding.