Lil Baby and Jayda Cheaves are proud parents of a two-year-old boy, named Loyal. After being on and off as the result of cheating scandals, the couple decided to call it quits as recently as February 2021. 

While the two were dating, however, Lil Baby had a history of treating his girl with grand gifts, such as a custom diamond necklace and countless $10,000-Birkin bags, which she gladly showed off on social media. 

Now it seems the “We Paid” rapper may be attempting to repair the damaged relationship by spoiling her with even more gifts.

Last week when Jayda celebrated the opening of her new business Waydamin Merch, she was gifted several flower arrangements by Lil Baby. When she shared the flowers on IG, fans speculated whether or not it meant anything larger in terms of their relationship -- were they back together, or was this simply a gesture of good will?

This past weekend, Lil Baby fanned the flames of speculation once again. For Mother’s Day, he threw Jayda a brunch party with friends and family in attendance. 

Jayda took to her Instagram to show off the luxurious details, such as a dance floor, ping pong table, and floral arrangements. The exes were seen dancing and having a good time with family and their son. 

In addition, Jayda received four Birkins, a brand new car to replace the one she just gave away, and a homemade card "from Baby and Loyal."  

Lil Baby also surprised her with what seemed to be a brilliant last-minute idea. Event planner Jahil McAllister posted a screenshot from a call with the rapper, captioned, "Yesterday at 7 pm went a little like this." She followed it up with a short video clip of a romantic candlelit dinner set in a room filled with flowers, that Jayda later posted on her own Instagram Story.

Do you think Lil Baby is trying to buy his way back into Jayda’s heart? Let us know below.

View Jayda's mini-photo gallery from her brunch party below, or else, you can still peruse her Instagram stories for even more.