In case you haven't been keeping up, Carmelo Anthony and his wife and baby mother have not been on the best terms, or even close really. It all started when pictures of Melo with a mysterious woman on a yacht in France surfaced - on the same day as La La's birthday at that. With gossip sites picking up the news like a 20 dollar bill found at the side of the road, Melo took to sending out a PSA which involved him declaring that he "can't let this one slide" as the publications were "affecting" his own family, as well as that of the woman's (which he insisted was "married"). It didn't take long for some gossip sites to get to work on figuring out just exactly who the woman on the yacht was, and their research did not disappoint, as they discovered she was in fact a (very much single) Swedish/Moroccan model, followed by Meek Mill on Instagram. La La was rightfully devestated, and took to sharing the news that she was in "legal discussions" over what next steps she would be taking. She even let it be known that she was planning on living her best, care-free City-girls summer, making a club appearance on stage to throw shade at her hubby, and declaring that she "don't give a f*ck bout a n*gga."

With a victory point in this ongoing competition of whether it's a "City Girls (or Hot Girls) VS City Boyz Summer," it appeared as though we'd gotten quite the contender on our side, but with recent images surfacing of La La back with Melo, Twitter has been absolutely ablaze. PageSix reports that they were seen together this weekend outside of Matsuhisa Beverly Hills—which could very well be a completely platonic, and cordial outing, but the pics have rounded up all the City Boyz on Twitter who think they're now leading the game. Check out some reactions below!