Kylie Jenner was supposed to join her sisters Kim Kardashian and Kendall in their awkward bit at the Emmys but unfortunately, it appears that she was too sick to attend. According to TMZ, Kylie Jenner has been experiencing intense flu-like symptoms over the past few days that's required medical attention. She was brought to a hospital in the Los Angeles area where she's being treated for "flu-like" symptoms. Her exact illness hasn't been revealed to the public but sources close to the situation confirmed she's getting the best treatment possible. Although Kris Jenner's been out of the country, Caitlyn Jenner has reportedly been visiting her frequently.  

Hopefully, she gets better soon. She recently announced her upcoming collaboration between Kylie Cosmetics and Balmain for a new make-up collection which is set to debut at Paris Fashion Week this Friday. Unfortunately, with her illness, it seems unlikely that she'll be able to make it over there for the product's launch. Interestingly enough, she has been promoting the product on Instagram. It's unclear whether she's posting on Instagram or a social media manager but clearly, she's not allowing her illness to prevent her from getting the bag.

In other related news, Kylie Jenner recently had the Internet in shambles after she posed nude with Travis Scott for Playboy earlier this month. Scott served as the creative director for the cover as well. The two later interviewed each other for the cover story and gave a bit more insight to their otherwise private life.