As many protestors from last summer’s state-spanning protests against police brutality still face charges for peacefully protesting, Kyle Rittenhouse is allegedly not even taking his charges seriously. Last August, the young man reportedly armed himself, crossed state lines with members of a militia group to, according to them, defend businesses against protesters and looters.

The protests were being held in Kenosha, WI in response to the video of the police shooting of Jacob Blake going viral, but Rittenhouse, who was 17-years-old at the time, asserted himself into the situation. Video footage captures Rittenhouse allegedly shooting 2 of the 3 victims -- which include Joseph Rosenbaum (deceased), Anthony Huber (deceased), and Gaige Grosskreutz (injured) -- before walking right past police.

Rittenhouse has since reportedly been charged with homicide in the Kenosha, WI killings, and although his bond was initially set at $2 million, the accused quickly posted bail due to a network of supportive donors. 

Now, prosecutors reportedly want to increase Rittenhouse’s bail by $200k after his alleged bond violations. According to the State of Wisconsin, the accused is no longer living at the address listed with the court and has failed to update it within 48 hours of moving. Prosecutors claim to have been unable to confirm his current address for weeks.

With a high flight risk for Rittenhouse, it’s up to the presiding judge to decide whether his bail should be increased. Critiques have already brought attention to the media’s glossy coverage of Rittenhouse, so those interested will have to stay tuned to see what the courts have to say on the matter.