Eight years seems like overkill for somebody who plainly ticked off the wrong box on an application to buy a gun but... I guess that's what the justice system is like. We all know about Kodak Black's legal difficulties -- he's suffered through a lot these last few years. The Florida superstar was never given a fair shot at things, seemingly going back and forth between jail and the studio. Even when he's incarcerated, he still manages to make headlines, speaking to his impact in the rap game. People want to see Kodak succeed but he keeps setting these large obstacles in front of himself, preventing him from reaching that next level. Could this be the biggest one yet?

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

This week, it was revealed that the Project Baby changed his plea from "not guilty" to "guilty" in his firearm case. He initially entered a plea of "not guilty" when he was arrested but it's presumed that he struck some sort of deal to earn a lighter (or no) sentence. Still, at this stage in the process, Kodak is facing up to eight years in prison and we're seriously hoping that he manages to find his way out of this predicament. He's far too valuable to the industry to fade away.

A photo of him from his court hearing yesterday has been circulating online, including on DJ Akademiks' social pages, showing him with a frown on his face and a mustard-colored suit. 

Do you think Kodak Black is doomed to fail?