Kim Kardashian is being sued by her maintenance and cleaning staff over claims that she allegedly did not pay them fair wages or provide meal breaks.

Seven people on the billionaire reality television star's staff have filed a lawsuit against the businesswoman for allegedly stiffing them but representatives for Kim K state that the vendor is actually to blame for short-changing her employees. 

According to a report by TMZ, the staffers worked at Kim's mansion in Hidden Hills. They claim that they were told upon being hired that they were full-time employees, yet they were treated as independent contractors and missed out on benefits. They also claim that they were denied meal breaks, did not have expenses covered, and weren't paid proper wages. 

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

A representative for Kim says that she hired the staffers through a vendor for maintenance and cleaning services and they're the ones to blame for stiffing the employees. "[Kim] is not responsible for how the vendor manages their business and the agreements they have made directly with their staff," said the rep. "Kim has never not paid a vendor for their services and hopes that the issue between these workers and the vendor who hired them can be amicably resolved soon."

One staffer claims that they were fired after inquiring about his rights and those of his son, who also worked at the home. His son was 16-years-old but he worked more than the maximum number of hours for a minor under California law. 

We will keep you updated on the outcome of this lawsuit.

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