And it don't stop. Looks like Ms. Lauryn Hill is running into yet another financial issue after being sued by a musician who says that the singer-songwriter and her team terminated his contract without ever paying him for his work.

According to a report by TMZ, it is trombone player Matthew Hartnett who claims that during the summer of 2016, he was up for a 10-week contract to accompany Ms. Hill on tour. However, Hartnett says he was released from the contract before the tour ever began, and says that he never received the compensation he was owed for live recording sessions that took place before the contract was scheduled to begin. 

According to the lawsuit, Hartnett is seeking at least half of what he was to earn from his touring contract in addition to another $4,000 for his recording sessions. In total he is seeking $11,521.60 and damages. The defendants in this suit include Hill, her touring manager, and her touring company. 

You'll recall that it was back in 2013 that Lauryn Hill was charged with tax evasion after failing to pay a reported amount of $1.98 million in taxes for income earned between 2005 and 2007. She would be release in October of 2013 after serving three months in prison and three months of house arrest.