Now that Kevin Hart has reportedly checked himself out of the in-patient rehabilitation center and is recovering at home, he may have a lawsuit on his hands. According to a report by TMZ, the comedian, along with the two other passengers in the car with him when the vehicle swerved off the road and landed in a ditch, have all retained lawyers. 

The outlet states that Jared S. Black, the man driving at the time of the accident, and his fiancée Rebecca Broxterman, Eniko Hart's personal trainer who was in the backseat, have lawyered up and may files lawsuits. It's been widely reported that Kevin underwent spinal surgery following the car crash, but TMZ further states that Black had severe chest and back injuries, as well. Broxterman is said to have endured minor injuries.

Although all three parties are friends, it's reported that the lack of airbags and safety harnesses has become an issue. It's unclear if they'll all go after the company who restored the vehicle or each other. However, TMZ claims the California Highway Patrol is still investigating what caused the wreck, and the driver could still be liable for the accident. They have yet to determine if Kevin purposefully asked to leave the safety gear off of the vehicle, because if so, the company responsible for the restoration should have turned him away. If they continued on and completed the job anyway sans safety harnesses, it's possible that they can face a lawsuit—or three. We're just thankful everyone made it out alive.