It's been a whirlwind for Kevin Hart over the last few weeks. The comedian is continuing on his road to recovery following the frightening car accident he was involved in earlier this month when his car careened off the highway and landed in a ditch. The actor reportedly remained in the hospital for 10 days and underwent back surgery to repair three fractures in his spine.

Following his release, news circulated that Hart would check himself into an in-patient rehabilitation facility where he received treatment as he became acclimated to his surroundings in preparation to return home. TMZ shares that Hart is no longer being treated at that facility as he has checked himself out. Although he has improved much in the last weeks, the publication states that Hart is set to undergo "intensive physical therapy" at his Los Angeles mansion.

The outlet also stated that after Hart examined the photos of his accident, he expressed that he was both "grateful" to have survived but was "shocked" that he made it out alive. TMZ writes that they were told, "He really cherishes the fact that he's alive, and wants to make the most of it in every respect. The crash had a huge impact on him." There also doesn't seem to be any permanent injuries associated with his recovery, so he's reportedly expected to be just as active as he was pre-accident.

While he recovers, Hart will be facing the $60 million lawsuit from the woman who was featured with him in his sex tape. There are a slew of accusations attached to that story, but he's reportedly claimed he didn't leak the tape while she allegedly promised not to sue him.