Kevin Gates is known for bragging about his skills in the bedroom, getting freaky with his wife and detailing the nasty stuff they're into in his songs. So, when a leaked sex tape appeared on the internet this weekend, fans were confused by how vanilla the video was. In addition, Gates was not with his wife Dreka in the sex tape, which has prompted break-up rumors for the hip-hop power couple.

Since the leak, Kevin and Dreka have not commented on the status of their relationship. They have actually ignored the topic altogether, going on with their regular routines. Dreka has been silent on social media and Kevin has been posting his motivational quotes and promoting his humorous series on Vice. 

In the comments to his new video on Instagram, fans hounded the rapper for an explanation as to why and how the sex tape got leaked, also urging him to speak on whether his wife and he are alright after this.

Kevin Gates sex tape
Randy Shropshire/Getty Images

"Let's talk about this sex tape because baaabbbbyyyy," wrote one commenter. "Aye explain yo self big general lmao," said another. "So you not gon address the tape," added a third.

For the most part, people are confused as to why Kevin Gates is trying to pretend as though the tape doesn't exist. 

Do you think he'll end up issuing a statement or is this just another bump in the road in Kevin and Dreka's rocky marriage?