Chances are, you've heard a crazy rumor about Kevin Gates during at least one point in his career. The Louisiana-bred rapper has been plagued with controversy after controversy and it feels like each gossip headline gets stranger than the last. The star has managed to stay out of trouble for the last year and he's preparing to release his new album I'm Him. In order to prepare his fans for the drop, he decided to come through with a new video segment, addressing all the crazy things you may have heard about him.

Unfortunately, Gates doesn't speak on whether he regularly kisses his dog on the mouth or not but he did touch on plenty of other topics. Playing a game of Facts or Fiction with Amazon Alexa, things got into awkward territory less than one minute through after Alexa asked the artist to confirm whether a mango is the "closest thing to eating vagina." If you're a fan of Gates, you know that he keeps his fridge fully stocked with mangos and peaches whenever he wants to practice oral sex, but in his words, it depends on the "type of p***y you like to eat." 

Later on, the 33-year-old confirms that his diamond teeth are permanently fixed into his smile before shutting down the rumor that he killed somebody at the age of thirteen. "That's fiction," he said with a coy smile on his face. "Where would you hear such a thing, Alexa?"

Learn more about the eccentric rapper below.