An unlikely person to get caught up in any sort of controversy is Kelly Rowland. The Destiny's Child singer isn't one to have her name ensnared in headlines that are scandalous, but she found herself in the crosshairs of critics earlier this month. Recently, Chris Brown was targeted after he released his latest hit albumIndigo. The record featured a song titled "Need a Stack" with a line from the R&B singer that states, "Only wanna f*ck the black b*tches with the nice hair."

Brown defended his lyrics and thought people were being overly sensitive, and a social media debate ensued. On one of his posts about the chart-topping album, Rowland attempted to celebrate Brown's accomplishments by writing, "We love you Chris!" This came in the middle of his melanin-centered controversy and many fans condemned her for defending him, even though that's not what she was doing at all.

"I was actually in Australia," Rowland told Ok! Magazine about the backlash. "I did not realize...I was actually giving him credit for, was it a history...? He had broken some sort of record, and I had said, ‘We love you Chris.’ Then I realized on the other part of that was something that was taken in the completely wrong way."

Controversy or not, Indigo pulled in impressive numbers its first week and we're expecting more singles from Brown as the summer months roll on.