Their Valentine's Day was filled with teddy bears, red roses, and dozens of gifts, but just days later, Kehlani and YG are once again no longer together. The singer was excited to share photos of her "Balentimez" Day on Friday, but by Sunday, things had taken a turn. On the lover's holiday the couple even delivered their collaborative single "Konclusions" and YG recently received a tattoo of Kehlani's name, but even that wasn't enough to hold together whatever went down between them behind closed doors.

Kehlani breakup
Tommaso Boddi / Stringer / Getty Images

Kehlani took YG back after his previous infidelity scandal where a video went viral showing him allegedly kissing an unidentified woman. The pair briefly separated before uniting once again, but this time around, Kehlani has made it clear that she isn't going to return to a vicious cycle. She recorded and released her single "Valentine's Day (Shameful)" on Monday (February 17) and shared a behind-the-scenes black and white clip of herself in the studio.

"Last night making Valentine’s Day (Shameful) .. same room / same people i made You Know Wassup with," Kehlani wrote. "Same energy... feel something and get it off. 3 therapeutic hours. appreciating those who see and hear me, and those around me holding me up. real grateful for expression right now. inward & onward, love always ALL ways."

Halsey slid in her comments with some words of support. "Your positivity your light and your kindness will never be dulled by someone else’s darkness," said the singer. "Maybe for a moment. But you persevere. You are the realest of the real mama. 🔮." Tory Lanez added, "The realist." Check out a bit of her session below.