Katt Williams has been wilding out lately. After getting into a virtual fight with Kevin Hart, the comedian threatened his rival with physical violence. And now, the Williams finds himself behind bars for an alleged violent crime.

According to reports, Williams has been apprehended for assault in Portland, Oregon. He was arrested by Port of Portland police and taking in for a misdemeanor assault this Saturday, October 6. His bail is said to have been set for the relatively low sum of $2,500.

Katt traveled to Portland for an industry event. He was supposedly planning on making an appearance at Nick Cannon's Wild 'N Out Live concert at the Moda Center Friday night in the city, but he apparently never made it to the event.

There is no word on the circumstances that led to the incident. The victim in this pending case has yet to be named as well.

Williams' resurgence into headlines stems from claims he made about Tiffany Haddish and her lack of credibility when it comes to her talents. Since then, the entertainer seems to have been on a bit of a downward spiral, sparring with his peers verbally and getting into physical altercations. The arrest might come as a wakeup call.