Katt Williams has been making headlines after some comments he made that seemed to discredit Tiffany Haddish's talent. Kevin Hart was quick to defend the female humourist and later shared his insights into Katt Williams' professional failings. Although it seems like Katt made some kind of peace with Tiffany Haddish, the comic is still hyped up about Hart. He fired some words at his rival through social media.

He wants to have a go at Hart in person and claims to be in fighting shape. 

"F*ck ass n*gga. And I don't give a f*ck how many cribs you pay, n*gga. You gon see me in real life, f*ck boy. Cause I know one of the motherf*ckers on here report directly to you, n*gga. Heartbreaker, you know what it is. I was just in the gym and I'm heading to Mayweather's. And I'mma knock your motherf*cking mouth sideways, f*ck boy. I ain't Steven A. Smith. I'm really out here in these streets, my n*gga."

Williams continues, breaking down some of his physical stats.

"5"5, 145, bitch. Less than 3 percent body fat, n*gga."

In his opinion, Kevin Hart is a sellout.

"Everybody just saw the fact that you will do anything to sell a movie, n*gga."

"I don't mind a million a month and keeping my soul."