Last week Katt Williams paid a visit to V-103's Frank and Wanda radio show where his lengthy interview heard him trashing talking Kevin Hart, Tiffany Haddish and at one point he even went in on the host Wanda, mocking her weight, hair and cooking skills. Tiffany and Kevin have already responded to Katt's savage remarks, and now Wendy's husband reportedly has too but in a more aggressive manner. 

According to TMZ, Katt was at Atlanta Comedy Theater on Saturday night where Wanda hosts a weekly event. This particular weekend, Wanda's husband Lamorris Sellers was in the building and approached Katt and they had a verbal altercation. Katt told a security guard that he ran to the grocery store next door after Lamorris pulled a gun and pointed it in Katt's face. 

When police arrived, Lamorris admitted to having a gun but claimed he never pulled it on Katt. Apparently, his gun fell out of his waistband when he was chasing Katt to the grocery store and video surveillance shows the two in the store, but no gun was in sight. The publication says there was no witness on hand and Katt does not want to move forward with charges. 

Check out the roasting of Wanda below.