Kanye West's weekly Sunday Service concerts have proven to be some of the most exciting experiences of 2019. When he first announced the regular series, fans were unsure what it would entail. Now, we all wait by our phones for reposts on social media to see what kind of set-up Kanye opted for this time. He started out in heavily-lit rooms with an orchestra and a gospel choir but now, he appears to have moved his Sunday Service to the outdoors. Aside from his impromptu session on an airplane, the last few Sunday Services have been outside and this past weekend, Ye performed an obvious choice in "Jesus Walks," along with one of his more slept-on tracks "Lift Off."

Kim Kardashian shared the surreal video of Kanye leading his group in a powerful performance of "Lift Off," the bonus track from Watch The Throne. The performance is well-rehearsed with everybody hitting their cues. Clearly, they have been jamming for a minute. They transitioned into "Jesus Walks" as Kanye took the microphone. In the background, the choir harmonizes with him and sounds absolutely gorgeous.

Who else needs a live Sunday Service album from Kanye? Not too much thinking involved. Just record one of the concerts and release it as a project. That would be some straight-up car music right there.