Kanye West's upcoming "Sunday Service," relative to when it airs, was filmed in all kinds of ridiculous locations. The videographer began filming aboard a plane, only to re-appear in a set location at Adidas' North American head offices in Portland, Oregon.

West's Sunday Service dropped into view back in January, with a February edition even serving as the official celebration for the 15 year anniversary of Kanye's debut project College Dropout. One of the recent episodes even produced a moment elation out of Kanye West, who could be seen wildin' on the keys like a child unencumbered. 

Much of the footage from Kanye's latest Sunday Service was compiled by the hardworking mods over at TeamKanyeDaily, most of which feature the rapper, his choral assembly, and collection of musicians dipping low as red neon-lighting permeates the room.

Kanye begins his rendition of the religiously self-indulgent "Jesus Walks" by bigging up his hosts. “Next time I’m at Adidas everybody screaming out.." he can be heard shouting out, to a pulsating rhythm familiar to lifelong Kanye fans.

Then there's the footage from Kanye West's deconstruction of the "Soul Plane." In this instance, the choir sings one from their own songbook, without any ordination from the headmaster. This post will be updated at the soonest possible time, once the latest Sunday Service is uploaded in one big chunk. For now, follow the winding tunnel provided to us by TeamKanyeDaily and Jon Wexler of Adidas.