Kanye West didn't make a billion dollars by selling $2 waters and $3 snacks at his concerts. He's always been a hustler, pricing his merch at high ranges because he knows people will spend their hard-earned dollars on him. While that's all good and well (as long as the full YEEZY x GAP collection releases soon), his snack bar prices from the DONDA event last night were seriously something else.

As the internet was going crazy over JAY-Z's feature on the album, Kim Kardashian's arrival at the event, and more, reactions started pouring in from inside the Mercedes-Benz Stadium where people were asked to pay disturbing prices to fill their bellies. According to Van Lathan and others, the stadium was charging an insane price for snacks, including brownies and cookies at FORTY-FIVE DOLLARS (!!!!) and chicken tenders at FIFTY DOLLARS.

Kevin Mazur/Getty Images 

It's pretty difficult to justify why anybody would pay so much money to get a simple plate of food, but Kanye was really out here charging people $50 for chicken tenders, $45 for cookies and brownies, $35 for sweet and salty kettle corn, and an assorted snack basket for $65.

Van Lathan posted the menu to his page, laughing about the prices as people complained in the comments. As one person wrote, "This. Is. So. Kanye." You got that right.

Check out the menu below.