Many have commented about the fact that Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin seem to be advancing their relationship extraordinarily quickly. While nobody truly has an eye into their bond, people still believe they're fit to provide their opinions on the matter. Last week, it was reported that the two had secretly gotten married à la Cardi B & Offset. Biebs has been criticized in the past for living a fast lifestyle, becoming somewhat of a bad boy in Hollywood for his wild party antics. According to Page Six, Justin's close friends are under the impression that he's having an identity crisis, recalling some of his older ways.

Some of Bieber's behavioral tendencies have raised eyebrows, crying on the West Side Highway bike path and busking in London. He may just be trying to embrace a simple life, which doesn't seem far off from what he's previously expressed interest in, but one of his wife's (fiancée?) friends thinks he's just replacing one obsessive habit with another. "He found restitution through his religion and his faith and that’s where he became super addicted to churches," he said.

Page Six published a long timeline of the singer's connection to Hailey Baldwin, detailing much of the confusion surrounding his rush to get married. The publication notes that he appears to be resisting fame and everything that comes with it with one person who has worked with him saying, "I think he has an ongoing identity crisis." 

Just a few weeks ago, Bieber's manager Scooter Braun spoke of a time he believed Justin would die as a result of his partying ways. Hopefully, the entertainer is in a good place now.