If anyone thought for a second that Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez were just hanging out as friends after The Weeknd ended things with Selena last month, then you have now been proven wrong. 

New photos have surfaced that show the pop singer planting a kiss on Justin during one of his weekly hockey games. This public display of affection puts all rumours to rest as to whether they've just been hanging out casually or are really giving their love another chance - clearly we now know the real answer. This isn't the first time Selena has attended one of his games, she's been to a few now but hasn't jumped the urge to give a public kiss. 

Just yesterday we posted on The Weeknd, A.K.A. Abel, spotted leaving Bella Hadid's New York Apartment. He and Bella dated for a little while, much before she was rumoured to be dating Drake

Abel ended things with Selena for reported reasons surrounding him being too busy and his tour life interfering with their relationship. If he and Bella are trying again, such as Justin and Selena, maybe things will be different and her modelling schedule will allow more time to focus on their love - who knows.

If there's one person rooting for Justin and Selena's love to last it's Sean Kingston. The singer was recently interviewed on BBC Radio 1's The 8th With Charlie Sloth where he said how Justin probably wants "real" people around him now, more than ever. 

"I think he's in a space right now that he just wants real people—genuine people—around him. 'Cause I told him Selena was good for him and he should marry her. But, you know, when you're young, you go through stuff," he said. "You go through people pulling you this way. They tend to mess up the vibe. But I see he's back with her," the singer said. "He probably wants real people around."