After it was reported that Juelz Santana would be turning himself in after he bolted when he was caught with an unconcealed firearm at the Newark airport, it appears he has stuck to his word as he was arrested for the charges today. After realizing that the feds would find him in the end, Juelz came to the conclusion that it would probably be better to surrender to the authorities. The New York rapper was arrested at 1 in the morning by police at the Newark airport for unlawful possession of a weapon and possession of a controlled dangerous substance, according to TMZ

New Jersey law states that any airplane passengers carrying a firearm must unload and unpack the weapon inside of a hard-sided case that has been designed specifically for the gun. As he was scheduled to fly out of the state and he did not abide by this instruction, the rapper ran out of the airport once he realized that TSA had found the weapon. Having fled the scene and reportedly leaving behind his luggage, passport and the bag that held the gun, Santana returned to the airport today to face the consequences. 

Juelz Santana and Lil Wayne have teased that they may be finally completing their collaborative effort I Can't Feel My Face but this may push things back even further as he may be subjected to time behind bars.

[via TMZ]