A nation-wide manhunt for Juelz Santana seemed out of the question considering the light nature of the offence, in reference to the rapper running from TSA agents. As previously reported, they had found an unconcealed firearm in his luggage.

Now, New Jersey Law states that travellers boarding outgoing flights via the state are required to "unload and unpack" any firearms inside of a hard sided case made specifically for the weapon.

The South Passaic Daily Voice has learned that Juelz Santana is planning on turning himself in today, the longer he waits the larger his bail. He isn't going to face additional charges for evading capture, unless it is proven beyond proven doubt that he understood the consequences of his action. Then again, Santana is hard pressed to forget his prior felony conviction, which outlaws him from carrying a weapon, much less aboard a flight.

The rapper who escaped Newark Airport in a taxi, has been the brunt of jokes for the past day and a half. Along with the firearm, the rapper is believed to have left behind his passport and ID. We'll be sure to provide updates as they become available.