With a mass shooting taking place seemingly every week, and the police frequently abusing their power to hurt or kill innocent people, there is a lot of division in the United States about what should be done about gun control. 

John Legend, when he's not attempting to reach out to Kanye West, goes on Twitter to give us his takes on various social issues. On Monday, April 23, Legend quote-tweeted an Associated Press article about the police being called on two black women who were simply playing golf too slowly at a club. Legend makes a point that people shouldn't call the police on black people over trivial matters like this, as they might lose their lives in a shooting. 

This tweet made Legend a target for the NRA, using his tweet for a segment on their NRA TV show. Host Grant Stinchfield invited former NYC Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik to discuss the tweet, where he referred to it as a "vicious attack against the police."

This eventually prompted a heated Twitter exchange between Kerik and Legend, with Kirk referring to Legend as a "race baiting celebrity" who has a "racist political rhetoric," and claiming that his statement puts police officer's lives in danger. 

Today, John responded to the allegations, asking whether the millions of guns in America or his own tweet was a greater danger to the cops. He also states that, in fact, "The NRA is a danger to this nation and to the police."

In an ironic turn, it turns out that Kerik is a convicted criminal himself.