Unfortunately, we are likely to hear about gun violence on a daily basis with situations like these appearing to become more and more likely. 29-year-old Travis Reinking has been accused of opening fire inside of a Waffle House restaurant, killing four people and wounding two more. The shooter was allegedly nude while he began firing his AR-15 semi-automatic weapon in Tennessee. TMZ is reporting that Reinking has been arrested after he was on the run since the attack at approximately 3:30 AM on Sunday morning.

According to the Metro Nashville Police Department, the suspected shooter was arrested today in the Nashville area, in the same city the Waffle House attack took place in. Fleeing the scene by foot, Reinking was reportedly disarmed by James Shaw Jr., a civilian who risked his life in the process. One of the victims who was murdered is an aspiring rapper named Akilah DaSilva, a videographer who was 23 years old. DaSilva adopted the stage name Natrix Dream, and he had released a music video the day before. Natrix Dream believed in bringing his community together to grow the underground hip-hop scene in Nashville. 

It is unclear under what circumstances the shooter was arrested and we will continue to update you as the story develops.